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Welcome!  I've been collecting HO scale electric racecars since 1996. I have a small collection, which includes examples of those manufacturers listed to the left.  Click on the link for samples of those cars. 

 I enjoy the smaller companies such as Lionel, Marx and Atlas, which competed against Aurora.  Almost all of my cars are from the 1960's era. 

Currently my track is an Aurora Super Model Motoring lock and joiner track.  The layout is a simple road course that resembles a "paper clip" in an area of 15’ by 4' that is approximately 50' in length. Click on the link "My Track" and take a tour of this track. Also, there are pictures of other tracks I have had set up over the years.

I'm always looking to buy, and occasionally have cars for sale.  Should you see a car you’re interested in, please email Robin Edmonds at the link below and I might have a duplicate.

Thanks for your visit, and any comments will be appreciated!



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