"T1","T2","T3","S1","B1" "james jordan ","jordans 100@aol.com","http://","","Submit" "Philippe","pautem@free.fr","http://www.slotkars.com","Waouh Robin ! Great Collection , great pictures. Got a real pleasure in seeing all this ! Thanks ","Submit" "Robert Miller","robert@rsdmiller.freeserve.co.uk","http://mysite.freeserve.com/wrenn_formula_152","Very good selection. It's rare for anyone to feature Wrenn 152.","Submit" "BJGRAMMY","bshannon10@comcast.net","http://","very nice... Thumbs up!!!","Submit" "m.a.hoff","hoffmar@webtv.net","http://","","Submit" "Tom DeButts","tmd3434@aol.com","http://"," Great site Robin! ","Submit" "Bill Baldwin","billbaldwin@comcast.net","http://","Hi Robin just wantd to let you know i stopped by and really like your site! Seeing the track pix brought back memories - mine as a kid was just the same. see you soon Bill","Submit" "Scott Kneisel","chuckie72us@yahoo.com","http://","I am impressed with your eclectic assortment of small slot cars. I have had a much narrower approach to slot car collecting, focusing strictly on Aurora Vib & Tjets. I also have a ton of MM and JL cars but my collection is mostly vintage. Your site makes me curious about other manufacturers, maybe I'll look for a couple of them. By the way, where did you get all that super MM track? That is really nice!!!","Submit" "Scott Kneisel (again)","chuckie72us@yahoo.com","http://","I forgot to tell you that I have the complete track from the indy 500 penn Line set you have pictured. I also have the power pack, instructions and some other items from the set. Would you be interested or do you already have everything? The track is kind of unique with brass contact strips and it is wider like the Super MM track. Let me know if you are interested, I'll send you some photos. Scott","Submit" "Don McLear","don.mclear@bankofamerica.com","http://","Nice Site - Got your card from the fella at FasTrax's tonight. I have a bunch of Aurora HO / Model Motoring stuff from when I was a kid. Just need to dig it out and brush it off. Had a hand full of cars I think one is a Mustang. Also had a set of loops I never used. I even have the original board my father hinged to the wall that I had everything mounted on. Trying to get back into it with my son and daughter now. Thought about buying a Scalextric or Carrera set for them for Xmas. Any advice on which brand to go with would be appreciated. Thanks, Don","Submit" "Aaron A. Aycox1st (Triple 'A')","noncngdriver@aol.com","http://","Have had ur link for some time and never took the time to go thru it! I'm gllad I finially did! Stay blessed and keep up the good work.","Submit" "","","http://","","Submit" "Melody","scatt1293@earthlink.net","http://none","Pretty cool Robin!","Submit" "steve","layla692003@earthlink.net","http://","Love your web site. I do not have as many or different cars as you do, but I am working on it. I am looking for the aurora traffic light. Do you have a extra one that you would sell or swap???? Thanks Steve","Submit" "ahkbcnqx yrbnfsv","wdfvtsni@mail.com","http://www.vpetywm.acmw.com","nhudgiyk axmtpi oqfvp edmw hpwvzke smiq xjkqiyvcl","Submit"
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